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Urns ? Your Personal Choice

June 30th, 2009

There is so much that happens around the time of any bereavement that most people make important decisions in haste. Everything has to be done in the shortest time possible and sometimes afterwards people are left with a feeling of not having done things exactly the way they really wanted to.

This is why it is good that you do not have to make an immediate decision about a cremation urn. If people had to make immediate decisions they would probably simply decide to accept the first item they see because they are understandably not ready to think about it properly.

What most people need and want is a period of grace to make their decision as to the container for their loved one?s ashes.

Take your time

With Lay To Rest, you can take as long as you need until you are ready to choose the cremation urn or ashes casket you want. There are such a vast assortment of cremation urns and ash caskets available today that it can feel overwhelming to have to choose. However, there is no right or wrong type of cremation urn; it is all about personal choice.

First choice is whether the cremation urn will be interred? Or, whether you wish to have a cremation urn you will  keep in your home or maybe in the garden. It is so much easier to make the decision once a period of time has gone by.

Then you can look at the many different options we have and choose an urn that you feel your loved one would have found appealing and fitting.  This is an important decision which should only be made when you are ready.

Keeping a loved one’s memory alive

June 26th, 2009

Losing a loved one, whether husband, parent or child is the most intense trauma we can suffer.  It is a time when the mind simply cannot cope with all the decisions and arrangements that must be made in a very short period of time.

There are so many legalities and so much paperwork involved it often adds greatly to the distress. Often it is only long after the funeral service is over that a person thinks of things that he or she would like to do to help keep the memories of their loved one at the front of their minds.

Modern life is so fast paced and rushed.  In many ways the world simply no longer caters to the emotional needs of those who have suffered bereavement. You are expected to return to work, smile and take up your daily tasks. People will give you a sympathetic pat on the shoulder and it is full steam ahead.

Visible memory

Where does that leave the person who has suffered the loss? Most often feeling empty and numb. So often people want a tangible way to hold onto the precious memories of their loved one to give them comfort and strength when they are finding things tough.

Ashes jewellery and memorial keepsakes are a wonderful way of doing this. Ashes jewellery enables you to keep a tiny bit of your loved one with you at all times.

Memory stones or touchstones are a perfect example. When you feel the loss most deeply, it is comforting to touch or just hold the touchstone and feel that a part of your loved one is still close to you. These keepsakes are a wonderful innovation and have become very popular. It is a tangible link with your loved one and in our rushed world having something to hold onto is very important.



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