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Archive for October, 2009

Contemporary way of keeping memories alive

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

In previous centuries it was custom for people to keep a lock of hair of a loved one that had passed away and then wear it inside a heart locket pendant. Once photography was invented, people switched to keeping photographs of a loved one inside a locket.

When losing a loved one, it often feels as if your entire world has shattered. Having to make decisions in a time of grief is quite horrible and afterward many people feel that they had made decisions in haste or have made the wrong decisions. There is a beautiful alternative to keeping memories alive; ashes in glass.

Memories sculpted in glass

A simply beautiful way to keep the memories of a loved one alive is to have a sculpted memory glass keepsake made to keep the ashes in glass. Instead of the traditional locket, a small portion of the ashes it inserted in a hand blown glass ball that is a truly unique and stunning memorial. The ashes in glass come in unique styles and each of them are completely different from all others.

What is created is a contemporary object art that looks lovely wherever you wish to place it in a room. For even greater choice we at Lay to Rest offer ashes in glass in pendant form as well as touch stones.

The pendants can be worn everywhere and the touch stones carried safely in a pocket. Many people find this contemporary way of keeping the memories of a loved one alive a great comfort. All the ashes in glass keep sakes are durable and professionally sculpted to ensure a lifetime of fond memories.

Farewell to your beloved pet

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

For some people a dog is simply a living, breathing security alarm while others consider pets to be a prized trophy possession. For the majority of us though, our pets are lifelong companions and often seen as one of our children.

Many people form such as deep bond with a beloved pet that is akin to the bonds of love we share with humans. When a pet passes away, we lose a friend, helper, a close companion and very often our confidante. Pet cremation holds great appeal for people that prefer to say goodbye to their beloved pets in a dignified way. To cherish the memories of a pet there are beautiful pet specific cremation urns available on the market.

Memories bring a smile

We live in an instant world with throw-away cartons for everything. Too often we don’t allow ourselves the luxury of keeping memories alive. We understand how important it is for people to have a tangible symbol such as beautifully construction memorial cremation urns for pets. What a wonderful way to honour the memory of a beloved pet with cremation urns that are both stylish and symbolic of the pet.

At Lay to Rest we offer a variety of pet cremation urns that has been custom designed or are classical. There are many well-crafted pet caskets and pet coffins as well as pet keepsake boxes to choose from.

Deciding which cremation urn is perfect for your beloved pet is a very personal decision. We have put together a variety to make this decision easier for you. Whatever your final choice is, you will be able to place the cremation urns in a place where you can see it each day and smile with fond memories.



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