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Ashes Jewellery Beautiful Keepsakes

Visiting your deceased friend or family member at the crematorium can bring much comfort in the time following the loss of a loved one. However it is not always possible to make a journey out and there may be times when having a small keepsake at home will allow you to find the space within your own four walls to remember someone who was close to you.

Ashes jewellery is a beautiful way of creating a small portable memorial to your loved one that you either keep with you at all times or choose to wear when you want to feel close to them and take time to remember. It is an ever increasingly popular choice and these jewellery pieces can be personalised in such a way that imbibes it with true sentimental value.

Ashes jewellery can be made in necklace or bracelet form. A small compartment holds a minute portion of the cremation ashes. Jewellery comes in a variety of finishes and they can be personalised by engraving your loved one’s name and dates.

Another stunning keepsake is that of ashes in glass. No two pieces are alike and they provide you with a breathtaking memorial that will last a lifetime. A small amount of ashes and encapsulated in a glass globe which come in a variety of colours and designs. At Lay to Rest we will take time to talk through how you would like to personalise the ashes in glass to make it truly personal to you and your loved one.

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