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Celebrate the loved one’s life

Losing a loved one is a traumatic time for everyone and all the arrangements that must be made simply adds hugely to the stress of the situation. That is why people often choose a cremation urn of the most basic or acceptable style to get it done with.

That is okay for many people, but others want something special; something that have lasting meaning for them. We at Lay to Rest understand that people need time to make decisions about things such as cremation urns. We allow people the grace of as much time as they need to make their decision.

Decorative memory

Cremation urns do not have to be generic and plain. The container to hold a loved one’s ashes can be a celebration of that person’s life. We have realised the need people have to place the ashes of a loved one in a unique cremation urn that makes a personal statement. Or, an urn that reflects on a personal passion of the individual or celebrates an aspect of that person’s life.

We have tried to bring as many choices together as possible in our decorative cremation urn range to enable everyone to choose the one that means the most to them. You could choose from a simple and stylish ceramic urn that has been hand painted.

This could be anything from a wildlife scene, flowers to modern mosaic urns. You might prefer a keepsake cremation urn or a unique object such as a sanctuary birdbath urn. What better way to celebrate a person’s life than placing this special birdbath in a sunny garden and watching birds come to it? We at Lay to Rest strive to enable everyone to find the perfect decorative cremation urn to celebrate life.

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